The process

Nopatech® is a rapid-prototyping solution that benefits from state-of-the-art robotic technologies. It uses specially designed tools mounted on a robotic arm that can machine no-bank sand mould along up to 5-axis tool paths, allowing for any geometry to be done accurately, faster than ever before and at a very competitive cost.

To get from CAD to CAST in record time, all you need is a 3D model that is modified to add shrinkage allowance and the gating system. The 3D model is then processed with Mastercam and Robotmaster to convert to information that will be input directly in the robot. In a few short hours, a no-bake sand mould of any shape or size is machined. The mould is accurate with a very good surface finish, ready to be poured.  

This pattern-less process is extremely fast, allowing for large, complex castings to be done in days instead of months, making this technology extremely competitive for the R&D or aftermarket departments.