Rapid Prototyping Casting

You always have requests from customers who need a part faster than what seems possible. Whether they want a shorter development cycle or they have a broken part somewhere that needs to be replaced quickly, you always had to explain that, unfortunately, the pattern takes too long to fabricate and you can’t meet their requirement.

Nopatech® solves this problem. By eliminating patterns from the casting process, you will save weeks on lead time. But contrary to other rapid technologies, that are extremely costly and compromise on quality, Nopatech® offers a casting with the same quality as a pattern-made casting at a fraction of the cost.

The speed and cost-effectiveness of Nopatech® makes it the perfect solution for your customers in very competitive industries that need strong R&D.

For similar reasons, Nopatech® is the technology of choice for older plants where patterns have often been destroyed, but need a part very fast because of a breakdown.