Rapid prototyping of casting

Nopatech® is a robotic solution developed as a cost-effective technology for rapid prototyping castings. The revolutionary patent pending technology has the flexibility to fabricate any no-bake sand moulds.

It was designed by Saguenay Foundry to produce efficiently very short production runs of castings. The need to fabricate a pattern first meant that you had high initial investment of both time and money. It became imperative for Saguenay Foundry to develop a patternless casting technology to meet its customers’ needs. At the end of the day, Nopatech® is a solution made for foundry men by foundry men.

The research and development that went into this technology means that when you purchase a Nopatech® robotic cell, you buy much more than only a robot that machines sand, but a complete moulding solution that includes:

  • Moulding techniques;
  • Specially designed tools;
  • Software training;
  • Remote service plan;
  • Annual visit;
  • Onsite support for installation.

Nopatech in action®