About us

Nopatech inc. was founded by Philippe Dubuc, eng. (President) and Marc Savard, eng. (Vice-President - Sales). Sharing over 30 years of combined experience for Saguenay Foundry, a supplier of short production runs of large iron castings, they had the opportunity to observe the trends of the market and its weaknesses.

What they found is that customers kept coming to them asking for extremely short lead times of castings. Starting in 2005, they looked for various technologies for patternless castings, from additive technologies to CNC machining, but none of them was competitive for large castings.

In 2010, they decided to move forward and design a robotic cell with state-of-the-art softwares with the flexibility required to do medium to large custom-made castings. At that moment, they confirmed what they expected: there was a lot of work left to do to move from “a robot that machine sand” to a “rapid prototyping equipment”. For two years, new moulding techniques and tools were developed so that Nopatech® would become an efficient way to produce short production runs of castings.